ICO Issues Record Fine

Keurboom Communications LTD made almost 100 million automated nuisance calls. The company were promoting PPI and road accident compensation and often called people during unsociable hours.

The ICO said they had received over 1,000 complaints from members of the public who had become infuriated by the persistent nuisance calls.

The automated calls came from a company registered in Bedfordshire, which made multiple calls to the same numbers often during the night.

In order to avoid complaints being made and fines being issued the company went to great lengths to hide its identity from members of the public.

When questioned by the Mirror newspaper, Gregg Rudd, director of Keurboom said, “I don’t enjoy receiving cold calls but that doesn’t make them illegal”. Subsequently, Keurboom Communications LTD has been charged with breaching privacy laws by calling people without their consent and has been fined £400,000 by the ICO.