Mercantile (as it appears in the dictionary)
adjective: mercantile

relating to trade or commerce; commercial.
“the shift of wealth to the mercantile classes”

As our name suggests, we work on behalf of the consumer to ensure monies owed as a result of unfair financial advice or practices are reimbursed.
Although charging a commission on a loan isn’t against the law, any fees paid to third party brokers must be disclosed fully to the customer.  Similarly, any bank or lender must adhere to strict guidelines under the Consumer Credit Act when managing any loan or financial agreements.   Over the last twenty years millions of customers have been charged Secret Commissions, been subject to Unfair Relationships or Unfair Lending.  These cases combined amount up to many millions of pounds.

Mercantile Claims provide specialist, independent and unbiased support in three key areas:

  • Secret Commissions
  • Unfair Relationships
  • Unfair Lending

We are a team of experienced, legally trained experts with over 30 years’ combined expertise in managing consumer credit claims against banks, building societies and other financial organisations.
Every claim management case is different. We provide a tailored service to suit the circumstances of your claim.

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    Good to know: You don't need to use a claims management company to make your complaint to your bank, lender, provider or intermediary. If your claim is not successful, you can refer it the Financial Ombudsman yourself for free. The Ombudsman will only be able to accept a complaint in relation to the financial service or product.

    You are able to pursue a claim yourself to the Financial Ombudsman Service without incurring a fee

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