What is a Secret Commission?

If the company you borrowed money from made a payment to a third party broker on your behalf without informing you this is called a ‘Secret Commission’. Under consumer protection laws the lender MUST declare all fees and commissions charged to the customer. If not, they are liable to PAY BACK all the fees, charges and costs relating to the original loan.

The Supreme Court recently heard a number of cases involving secret payments of commissions by lenders, in all cases the court ruled in favour of the customer. These landmark judgements have very wide consequences and mean, if a customer unknowingly paid an undisclosed commission on a loan to a third party (broker), they are eligible for compensation.

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How can we help with Secret Commission?

Mercantile Claims is a highly experienced claims management company, specialising in resolving consumer credit agreement complaints including the complex area of Secret Commission. We will review the loan documentation and, drawing on our 30 years’ combined experience in consumer credit complaints, will identify whether you can make a claim under the Secret Commissions category.

If you are eligible to make a claim for Secret Commission, Mercantile Claims will work on your behalf managing the legal documentation and liaising with the court in order to secure a financial settlement resulting in the cost of the fees and other charges being fully reimbursed to you.

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Why use Mercantile Claims?

We strive to fulfil our company philosophy of “exceeding the clients expectations”

We do not operate as solicitors and are therefore able to keep our costs low and affordable

We are an independent company of legally trained professionals who operate within the ethics laid down within the legal profession

We are committed to providing a professional service for and on behalf of our clients, ensuring all work is completed to the highest standard managed in a confidential manner

Our traditional values combined with a modern approach to client service means we keep you informed of the progress of your claim throughout from initial enquiry through to receipt of financial settlement

Should your matter require further specialist assistance we use our own preferred barristers with whom we have a close working relationship

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    Good to know: You don't need to use a claims management company to make your complaint to your bank, lender, provider or intermediary. If your claim is not successful, you can refer it the Financial Ombudsman yourself for free. The Ombudsman will only be able to accept a complaint in relation to the financial service or product.

    You are able to pursue a claim yourself to the Financial Ombudsman Service without incurring a fee

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