Disney Vacation Club upgrades

Wednesday 26th May 2021

Disney Vacation Club, unlike many other brands in the timeshare industry, is incredibly popular. In fact, there is often a waiting list for people wanting to join the exclusive club. But the prices match the popularity of the sought-after fairy-tale getaway. Disney Vacation Club is arguably the most reputable and sought-after timeshare […]

Exposing Timeshare Exit Scams

Tuesday 25th May 2021


Unfortunately, timeshare owners are often targeted by unscrupulous companies aiming to take advantage of their trusting nature. These owners may need assistance after years of financial hardship due to unwanted timeshares. Our expertise in handling such situations can help you with your claim against timeshare exit scams.
Timeshare owners are some of the […]

Consumers Demand Action on Unfair Timeshare Practices.

Wednesday 19th May 2021


Vulnerable people who are close to retirement are worried their timeshare burdens will be passed on to loved ones in a new report issued by the Australian Consumers watchdog.
The consumer group has launched an appeal to government regulators stating that consumers are stuck in timeshare contracts that sometimes last for 99 years. […]

Another win for our clients!

Monday 17th May 2021

Today’s successful claim highlights another great problem we see in the timeshare industry and that is the issue of upselling customers. Not always a bad thing, it gives customers the opportunity to upgrade or change their memberships, accordingly, provided it fits their needs and is affordable. The problem with timeshare is that […]

Feel trapped by your timeshare?

Wednesday 12th May 2021

You may have had your timeshare for years, during the glory days when they were more popular and represented good value for money. Or you are new to the world of timeshare and although you have enjoyed a few holidays, it simply has not lived up to expectations.
Timeshares were very popular in […]

Another Win for Mercantile Claims

Wednesday 28th April 2021

The team at Mercantile Claims work extremely hard to gain successful outcomes for our timeshare owners. Many of our clients come to us after having experienced years of hardship and distress at the hands of unscrupulous companies who have often targeted them simply because they own a timeshare. These fraudulent companies know […]

Is now the right time to get out of my timeshare?

Thursday 22nd April 2021

As the world starts to re-open once again and we start to look forward to the summer ahead of us, the prospect of being able to take a holiday this year is very tempting. Tourism halted to a near standstill last year and making a long-term commitment to an annual holiday spot […]

Have you ever thought of purchasing a timeshare?

Thursday 15th April 2021

If you have ever thought about purchasing a timeshare or holiday club membership you may have considered attending a sales presentation with one of the many large resorts in the market. However, before you do it is important to go armed with some very useful information, you will not hear about when […]

Another Successful Claim

Monday 12th April 2021

It is no secret that timeshare owners are some of the hardest hit consumers out there. Not only are the vast majority mis-sold expensive and lengthy contracts but they are also then often victimised by scammers looking to take advantage of their desperation to be free from their lengthy and expensive contractual […]

The future is timeshare?

Wednesday 7th April 2021

Following the big news that Hilton Grand Vacations is acquiring Diamond Resorts for billions of Dollars in company shares, in the midst of a pandemic, Diamond CEO Mike Flaskey welcomed the news. He spoke with American news channel Fox to discuss the impending acquisition and in an optimistic outlook, says Diamond are […]