If horror films get you thrilled, if you love dressing up for Halloween, or get carried away with the ghost stories, here are some great ways to spend Halloween:

You can watch a spooky film: This year there have been some truly horrifying scary movies released, here are our top picks: –

A Quiet Place: released earlier this year, but Halloween is a great night to watch if you haven’t already. It’s the story of a family forced to live in silence for fear of being attacked by aliens. We won’t give much more away, but be prepared to watch on the edge of your seats.

Hereditary: is by far the scariest of all this years releases. It starts off slowly, but is truly horrifying and the stuff nightmares are made of.

The Haunting Of Hill House: Is a Netflix series which flashes between past and present. A fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it. At ten episodes long, it’s a great series to sit and binge watch.

Go Trick Or Treating: It’s a great opportunity to get some free candy and dress up. Plus it’s a tradition that goes back centuries. The ancient Celts believed that during this short window (October 31 to November 2), the realms of the living and the dead overlapped and that spirits both good and bad could walk among the living. To confuse and ward off the evil spirits, the Celts would sometimes impersonate them with costumes of white clothing and masks.

A night out: If you don’t fancy begging for sweets, there are tons of events being held all over the country to enjoy. Check out some of these sites for the best places to find scary events near you: