Timeshare Insurance Guarantee

Mercantile Claims Chief Executive Gary Smith said  “Our insurance product has the backing of Munich Re the specialist non-life, business insurers with a 40 Billion Pound asset base.  Our insurance product is fully underwritten and provides our clients with a guaranteed underwritten peace of mind solution to their timeshare ownership.  From the moment you sign up with Mercantile Claims you are comprehensively covered and your timeshare termination 100% guaranteed. “

We know that Timeshare owners cannot access anything like this anywhere else in timeshare. Mercantile Claims timeshare termination work has been scrutinised by specialist  Legal Counsel and our work and proven methods of termination are fully underwritten by our insurers, to give our clients confidence in our service


The world of timeshare is notorious for making promises and failing to keep them. At Mercantile Claims, we have long recognised this problem and we have sought to provide a comprehensive solution to the problems that owning a timeshare presents. Our aims are simple: –

  • – To give open and honest advice;
  • – To remove the burden of ever-increasing maintenance/management fees;
  • – To provide a one-off solution to timeshare problems; and,
  • – To only ever charge once, when the work has been done.

However, this is an unusual approach in the timeshare industry. The continuation of timeshare relies on untruths and a lack of transparency. This is understandable, as our work threatens their own businesses.

What we will do is speak directly to our clients, and our prospective clients, and give them clear and honest advice. We are well aware of the usual statements made by companies who promise to get rid of your timeshare; most of those statements are untrue.

So, how is the service unique?

We work with All-Round Travel Services Limited (“ARTS”). We ensure that all of the work, which is necessary to bring the payment of maintenance/management fees to an end, is carried out. Our main aim is to always try and seek an amicable agreement with the timeshare resort, but this is not always possible.

Once complete, the customer is then covered, as a client of ARTS, by ARTS’ insurance policy. The details of the corporate insurance policy held by ARTS are as follows: –

  • – The policy is insured with Munich Re, a German insurer with a revenue in excess of £40 billion;
  • – The policy provides cover for up to £10,000 of maintenance/management fees and/or legal costs, in the unlikely event that the timeshare resort issues proceedings;
  • – The policy is held by ARTS, for the sole purpose of the insurance policy, to prevent any risk of any referrer ceasing to exist;
  • – The policy will provide cover until limitation has expired.

This is unique within timeshare.

You will be given access to the insurance policy so that you can see, in black and white, that the insurance policy exists and the cover that it provides.

So why would you need such protection?

In short, it gives peace of mind. It is unlikely that you will ever need the protection, given the work that will be carried out on your behalf, but it gives you the peace of mind that you will never have to pay any money to the timeshare resort.

Have you received an indemnity from a timeshare company?

You should question whether it can provide what you will receive from Mercantile Claims. You will receive a service which is second to none and, should an amicable agreement not be achieved, you can feel reassured that you will be covered by a policy of insurance which will ensure that you need never pay your maintenance/management fees again.

If you are not receiving the same service then you are potentially at risk and you could be responsible for the unpaid maintenance/management fees. This is something which can be avoided with the service that Mercantile Claims will provide.

You can view some Frequently Asked Questions here, which will give you a better idea of what will and can happen:

We are so confident that this is a unique solution in timeshare that we can make a significant offer to you: if you can prove, in writing, that another company can provide you with an insurance-backed product then we will beat their price by 50%. That is how confident we are that this service is unique.

If you have any concerns about your position with your timeshare resort, whether you have instructed another company or not, then please get in touch and contact 0800 470 3900 or info@mercantileclaims.co.uk