At Mercantile Claims we have the opportunity to help thousands of clients unburden themselves from the financial stress that comes with timeshare and holiday club memberships. We are always very proud when our hardworking team achieve success and can claim back money from mis-sold timeshares, which more than likely, have caused the owners years of stress and financial trouble.

We are pleased today to be able to share with our readers another successful claim against Silverpoint Resorts and Barclays Partner Finance.  Our clients first came into contact with Silverpoint back in 2011 when they were offered a free holiday to Tenerife, all they had to do was attend the dreaded presentation. They went on the free weeks holiday and attended the presentation as promised. Having sat through it they decided that this so-called investment was not for them as they did not feel it suited their lifestyle. They explained this to the sales representative who returned with a manager to discuss a different opportunity they had available for them. The resort sales staff presented them with a new offer that in time would be quite lucrative. They explained that if they invested £25,000 in several timeshare, which were selling cheaply due to owners not being able to keep up the payments, after a year the resort would buy them back and they would make a profit. Feeling under incredible amounts of pressure from the relentless hard selling tactics our clients agreed to sign up there and then.

A year later they returned to the resort as they had promised. It was in this next meeting that a resort representative told our clients that there had been a downturn in the timeshare market and the units were practically worthless. Our clients were absolutely devastated as they had invested so much of their savings into this scheme. They demanded answers, but instead were subjected to hours of more pressure selling for other holiday product schemes. They insisted they would not make any further purchases and wanted to be refunded in full. The resort point blank refused to do so instead they demanded our clients continue to pay maintenance fees and offered no solution and excepted no responsibility for having put them in this terrible financial position to begin with.

Luckily for our clients they were directed to the team here at Mercantile Claims and we have been able to argue successfully that this ‘investment’ was mis-sold to them. In fact, they were lied to and coerced into signing up to an unaffordable financial arrangement. After years of distress and worry they now have received their money back and all ties with this resort have been broken.

If you were mis-sold a timeshare with Silverpoint, or any other resort, get in touch with us today. Our team are enjoying continued success in arguing mis-sold timeshare and holiday products. We will be honest with you, if we don’t feel you have a viable claim, we will not take on your case.