Our team at Mercantile Claims are experts in dealing with all things timeshare and we have the pleasure of helping thousands of people over the years reclaim money for mis-sold timeshares. More often than not people come to us after having gone through financially draining and extremely stressful experiences. In many cases clients come to us after having been lied to multiple times and being persuaded into purchasing a timeshare which they can hardly afford and signed up to paying unaffordable loan agreements.

That was the case with our clients for whom we have now received a successful claim for against the finance provider. It all started back in 2014 when our clients were invited to attend a timeshare presentation with Silverpoint Vacations. When they agreed to attend the presentation, they did not realise they would be forced to endure nearly a whole day of high-pressure sales tactics. They were told during this meeting that the timeshare, should they agree to purchase, would be an investment in the long run and they would be able to make substantial savings on future holidays. Our clients informed the sales agent they could not afford the hefty price tag that the resort was asking and declined the offer. Despite this the agent proceeded to insist upon taking them around the resort for a tour. They were advised that if they made the investment of just over £29,000 this eventually would yield them a profit as the timeshare would sell for a substantial amount more.

Unfortunately, it became clear over the following years, that this timeshare investment was not as promised and more of a financial drain as our clients were paying a loan agreement off that was unaffordable and not fit to suit their needs or budget. In fact, we would go as far as to say that their purchase with Silverpoint was worthless and would have been impossible to sell on and make a profit, this was simply a sales tactic concocted by the resort to sell timeshares to unwitting members of the public.

Thankfully for our clients, we have been able to claim back their money and they are now back in the position they were before they were mis-led into investing in timeshare. If you or anyone you know has experienced a similar situation, get in touch with our team. We have many years’ experience in dealing with these types of claims and could help you do the same.

People who enter into timeshare agreements often find it difficult to keep up with the mounting maintenance fees and simply cannot afford it any longer. They may also find that the timeshare no longer suits their needs and simply want to end the contract. There are too many individuals who are willing to take advantage of timeshare owners and offer fake products, along with timeshare exit schemes. Before agreeing to any timeshare termination or exit procedure with an individual or company, seek independent advice and fully research any company you are thinking of working with.

It is also important to remember that purchasing a timeshare should NEVER be viewed as a financial investment. Timeshare is an investment in lifestyle, in future holidays and family time together. There is almost no resale value to a Timeshare.

The mis-selling of holiday products is, unfortunately, common practice within the holiday industry and these types of crimes often go unreported by the most vulnerable in our society and criminal convictions are few and far between.

If you have purchased a Lifestyle / Concierge Service, a timeshare or a ‘holiday points’ based product from a resort or company and feel unhappy with the service, or feel you have been mis-sold this product, please get in touch with us to discuss how we may be able to help you with a possible Money Back Claim.