Over the past 5 years timeshare termination has been a big business for ex-timeshare salespeople leaving the selling of timeshare to chance their hand  helping timeshare owners to now terminate their timeshare.

The sad fact is, these ex-timeshare sales reps have adopted plausible sales pitches based upon theoretic termination processes. They have in many cases extorted many thousands of pounds from unsuspecting timeshare owners, leaving them in the exact same position as they were in prior to taking their money, for a service never to be performed. In short, they take your money and do nothing.

Many have done this under the guise of a promise of compensation which has not materialised and left owners with no recovery of fees and still tied into their timeshare contracts.  Whilst in theory the advice given has probably been correct, in practical terms they have failed to carry out the termination work and bring a successful claim. This is simply beyond their capability, culminating in further disappointment for you, the timeshare owner.

Do you find yourself in this untenable position having parted with thousands of pounds of your hard-earned money?

Do you find yourself disappointed and unsure where to turn for help now?

Do you have trust issues with anyone within the timeshare industry?

Do you want a reliable professional service performed by skilled legally trained professionals who are regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, and who are NOT ex-timeshare sales individuals?

Does this sound like you?  If so then we may be able to help you, but you must be prepared to take a leap of faith with us.  Over 6,000 people over our 4 years of trading already have and have discovered that we are different to any of the unscrupulous timeshare termination companies they have tried before finding us.

The problem

Timeshare owners are being subject to cold calls constantly by unscrupulous companies.  They are beingpromised anything and everything by these companies created by ex-timeshare sales individuals, and timeshare owners being known for their trusting nature, often fall for the ‘blag and lies’ of the timeshare fraternity.  After all it was these very people who got you into the mess you find yourself in today.  In saying all of this, if they were to be reading this, we expect they would have a story to dismiss our assertions. It wouldn’t have one ounce of truth in it, but it isa story that they would concoct to try and convince you that what we are telling you is untrue. Their retort would have absolutely no credibility, but their only focus is to extract as much money from you upfront as quickly as possible.

What you must be aware of is they will stop at nothing to gain your trust, but more in important than trust is your money, and that is their utopia.  

The Solution

So, what must you do?  If you are called by someone asking you about your timeshare that you don’t know and who you haven’t asked to contact, you.

Be suspicious and ask who they are?

Don’t let them control the conversation even if they appear friendly, take control of the conversation.

Ask them exactly how they have come by your personal details and how they know that you own a timeshare? Don’t be fooled by the fable that you are on some owner’s database.

Don’t answer any of their questions until they have answered your questions, if you do engage and willingly answer their questions, then you will have played into their hands.

If you are dealing with a company or person already and you are happy with them or even if you are not. Do not tell them who it is you are dealing with as they thrive on discrediting others in an attempt to gain your confidence and once this happens you are likely to be persuaded to submit to their charm.

What doesn’t stack up is this, you receive a cold call out of the blue from someone you don’t know and have never heard of before, and you impart information to them, and they discredit it.  The question is; why would you believe them?  Well, it may be surprising, but many do.  Wouldn’t it make good sense to question the cold callers credentials first and foremost and NOT the people you are already familiar with?

Our policies

Strictly no Cold Calling (no we don’t buy your data from ex-timeshare sellers who have stolen it from your timeshare resort)

No Money Up Front (we do the work as per our standard Terms & Conditions before we ask you for a penny)

Set Fees (no we don’t make it up as we go along to extort as much money as we can from you because we think you can afford it)

Great Service (all our work is carried out by legally trained and regulated professionals. Remember NEVER by ex-timeshare sellers)

Great After Care (We constantly keep in contact with our timeshare clients every three or so months to ensure you are protected against the unscrupulous timeshare sellers and cold callers even after termination has taken place.)

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Registration Number: 831699  https://www.fca.org.uk