Further to our previous correspondence, you will no doubt be aware that it has now been announced that the Spanish branch of Club La Costa (UK) Plc has been placed into liquidation. This includes all of the Spanish companies owned and operated by CLC.

Given the way that the timeshare industry works, it is likely that various companies will seek to contact you to try and obtain money from you. Before that happens, we would like to set-out the correct position. At this stage, we are taking advice from senior Counsel about the effect of the liquidation. Until we have received that advice, we simply will not have a clearer picture of CLC’s current position.

However, we are sure of the following: 

      1. 1. The liquidation of the Spanish branch of Club La Costa (UK) Plc does not, in any way, affect the work we have done to bring to an end your maintenance fee payments;

              1. 2. If you have sought advice and instructed another firm in Spain to progress a claim against CLC through the Spanish Courts then that claim will now not result in any compensation;

                      1. 3. If you currently have a claim with us, which has been presented to the Financial Ombudsman Service, then you are in the best possible position, as the liquidation affects only CLC and not the finance companies which provided the finance to you; and,

                              1. 4. If you have previously been advised that you had a potential claim against CLC, but that claim was “out of time”, then you should contact us immediately, as the position may have manifestly changed.

                                As above, until we have taken detailed advice, we are not in a position to speculate as to the effect of the liquidation of the Spanish branch of Club La Costa (UK) Plc on matters moving forward. However, we are sure that it does not affect your termination and/or your claim now. The only effect will be that it assists your termination and/or claim, but we are seeking this further advice to clarify the position further.

                                For the avoidance of doubt, there will be no negative impact upon your termination and/or claim as a consequence of the liquidation.

                                Our advice regarding cold-callers, whether that be by telephone, email or letter, stands: cold-calling is illegal and, unless you have given your permission to the company contacting you, their conduct should be reported to the authorities. If they seek to provide you with advice which contradicts the above, then they are wrong. Once we have received further advice, we will contact you again and explain the position in greater detail.