Holiday Inn Club Vacations adds historic resort to it’s portfolio.

Orange Lake Resorts, home to Holiday Inn Club Vacations, has announced it has acquired Walley’s Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Nevada. The resort features 108 villas, four cottages, the 1862 David Walley’s Hot Springs and Spa and, two onsite restaurants. The sale also includes land which has been granted planning permission for an additional 214 timeshare units. The property will be Relaunched as Holiday Inn Club Vacations David Walley’s Resort and will join the company’s 26 resorts located across the USA.

Whether you are seeking an adventure packed ski break or a relaxing getaway, this resort certainly has a lot to offer. It also has a rich history dating back to the early settlement era. During this time, the American West promised a fresh start and rich fortunes for those seeking a better life. This attracted a young man from New York named David Walley who made the trek in search of his own prosperity. Walley was employed by the town to dig tunnels across the natural hot springs, it is believed that after taking a soak he purchased the hot springs  and surrounding land and charged 50 cents to visitors to take a bath. They became a huge success and in 1862 Walley and his wife built a hotel resort with 40 rooms, a grand ballroom, a swimming pool and several bathhouses. It became a popular location for people passing through the region. It was made even more famous when Baby Face Nelson and his gang arrived there in 1934, using it to hide out for a month before returning to Chicago where Baby Face was shot and killed by the FBI.

Tom Nelson, President and CEO of Orange Lake Resorts said: “This property adds another strategic location for our brand in a highly desirable vacation destination and builds on our goal of doubling the size over the next few years. Lake Tahoe provides outdoor activities throughout the year, including incredible skiing and hiking. Our members are going to love this location.”

Four Seasons Resort Disney Orlando Introduce New Golf and Sports Club Membership Program.

The Four Seasons Resort in Orlando at Walt Disney Resort have announced an all new membership program for members to experience the regions only Five star rated Golf resort. Members will be able to benefit from the renowned guest services, golf professionals, award winning dining, concierge services, master stylists and spa therapists.

Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts is an international luxury hospitality brand headquartered in Toronto. The company operates more than 100 resorts worldwide, a mixture of timeshare and Hotels. It may surprise you to know that the Four Seasons does not own any of its properties, it operates them on behalf of real estate developers. Four Seasons generally earns three percent of the gross income and about five percent of profits from the properties it operates. The property owners are required to additionally contribute money for chain-wide sales, marketing and reservations systems.

The collaboration between Disney and Four Seasons provides Disney Vacations with an upmarket option for visitors and provides specialist luxury amenities. And as with all luxurious resorts, there comes a hefty price tag. An individual membership costs $13,500 and monthly payments of $660. A family membership costs $15,500 with monthly payments of $740.

Bluegreen Vacations Offering Cyber Monday Deal for 2018

For its 2018 Cyber Monday Deal, Bluegreen Vacations are offering a fully customisable 7 night resort getaway for up to six people for only $499. This is a saving of up to 80 percent and, as an added bonus, guests will receive a $100 Mastercard Reward Card. The deal will run from November 26 to 30 and is valid for travel six months post purchase.

Bluegreen is hoping to attract new members with this deal and show them exactly what vacation ownership has to offer. A spokesperson for Bluegreen said: “Our Cyber Monday Deal provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of vacation ownership first hand, and see what makes membership with Bluegreen so unique. This deal offers flexibility, one of the many benefits our owners enjoy, and encourages travellers to explore the variety in our resort portfolio with friends and family. Travellers can choose from an outdoor adventure to weekend getaway in the city to explore local culinary delights.”

Bluegreen Vacation Club is a points based vacation ownership program. They offer a wide multitude of destinations and experiences at 60 locations across the US. The company struggled recently with low stock valuations and possibly overstretching themselves in purchasing more resorts than they could afford. The Cyber Monday deal they have introduced is sure to attract many new customers, however it is important to note that there are conditions on obtaining this great deal, you must attend a sales presentation. This could be a great deal for anyone who doesn’t mind sitting through hours of hard selling.

People who enter into Timeshare agreements often find it difficult to keep up with the mounting maintenance fees and simply cannot afford it any longer. They may also find that the Timeshare no longer suits their needs and simply want to end the contract. There are too many individuals who are willing to take advantage of Timeshare owners and offer fake products, along with Timeshare exit schemes. Before agreeing to any Timeshare termination or exit procedure with an individual or company, seek independent advice and fully research any company you are thinking of working with.

It is also important to remember that purchasing a Timeshare should NEVER be viewed as a financial investment. Timeshare is an investment in lifestyle, in future holidays and family time together. There is almost no resale value to a Timeshare.

The mis-selling of holiday products is, unfortunately, common practice within the holiday industry and these type of crimes often go unreported by the most vulnerable in our society and criminal convictions are few and far between.

If you have purchased a Lifestyle / Concierge Service, a Timeshare or a ‘Holiday Points’ based product from a resort or company and feel unhappy with the service, or feel you have been mis-sold this product, please get in touch with us to discuss how we may be able to help you with a possible Money Back Claim.