‘Don’t Miss A Trick, Be Scam Aware!’

Citizens Advice, Trading Standards and partners across the consumer protection landscape are leading an anti-scam initiative throughout the month of June, for Scams Awareness Month.

The campaign is all about supporting partnerships nationally and locally to give consumers the skills and confidence to identify scams, learn how to protect themselves, their families and friends against these cruel crimes and predatory practices.

This huge cross agency initiative will include social media campaigns and community events, engaging members of the public and arming them with information to better protect themselves. It is incredibly important to continue to update the public about scams and fraudulent activity, especially as criminal tactics evolve, consumers need to be on alert to possible fraudulent opportunities. Scams and fraudulent activity is discovered every day in the UK. As soon as the authorities shut them down there will be another to replace it before the blink of an eye. Individuals who commit these types of crime are sophisticated intelligent people, and for many fraud is a full time job.

Everyday, people across the UK struggle with finances, and sadly it is often these people who are preyed upon by devious con artists. Scammers are targeting the elderly and desperate, who are already vulnerable. As soon as these scammers are stopped or caught another will replace it, it’s a vicious circle. The only feasible way to stop it is to arm the public with information and the facts.

Scam awareness month is an annual opportunity to raise awareness and take a stand against the crimes and predatory practices which effect millions of people.

Citizens Advice research shows that almost three quarters of people surveyed have been targeted by scammers, and over a third had been targeted five or more times.

Following the success of last year’s campaign, this year the campaign will promote the destigmatisation of victims of fraud, and encourage the reporting of scams.

This year’s event will officially launch on Friday 1 June and will be opened by the Minister of Chartered  Trading standards Institute.