Notorious Timeshare Scammers Family Offer Reward To Find His Killer!

Saturday 27th April 2024

The family of a notorious criminal, originally from Solihull, have offered £100,000 reward to anyone who can help find his killer. John Palmer started out as a scrap metal dealer. He acquired the name ‘Goldfinger’ after he was cleared of handling stolen gold bullion in 1983.
He was shot dead 3 years ago […]

Hotel Industry Fight Back At Brit’s Who Fake Holiday Sickness!

Thursday 25th April 2024

Travel industry launched a merciless legal fightback after epidemic of false sickness claims by Brits, has cost hoteliers hundreds of millions of pounds.
The problem has become so out of control the travel industry even jeopardized to end the all-inclusive package holiday for Brits wishing to book them.
A 500% increase in sickness claims […]

Women in Business, UK Law forces a change in the boardroom

Wednesday 24th April 2024

“All the good women have already been snapped up”
“We have one woman already”
“I don’t think women fit comfortably into the board environment”
“Most women don’t want the hassle or pressure of sitting on a board”
These are just some of the excuses from the bosses of some of Britains top companies about why they […]

Bluegreen Resorts Target Millennials

Wednesday 24th April 2024

Millennials are the new target demographic for Bluegreen Resorts.
Bluegreen CEO Shawn Pearson says his company are attracting more and more millennials looking for good quality, unique experiences and value for money.
Pearson says that this is a fantastic business and Bluegreen offer a great product. They own 69 resorts and provide a unique […]

Teletext Holidays Sent Family to Spanish Town 7 Hours From Airport

Wednesday 24th April 2024

Sisters Sammy and Sylvia booked a 3 night stay in Alicante, through Teletext Holidays, to celebrate their mother’s 55th birthday.
When the 3 arrived at Alicante Airport, they were told that their hotel was a €350 taxi ride away, or 7 hours by public transport. They thought Teletext was a good place to […]

Marriott Vacation Club Agree To Settle Class Action

Wednesday 24th April 2024

Marriott Vacation Club owns and functions more than 70 vacation club properties throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe and Asia. They have more than 400,000 Vacation Club owners. Owners are able to exchange into other locations through the Interval International Scheme, a timeshare exchange company with over 3,000 resorts. Uniquely, owners may […]

Westgate Acquires Former Hilton New York.

Wednesday 24th April 2024

Westgate obtains former Hilton New York Grand Central Hotel, marking the Orlando based timeshare company’s first entry into New York City.
The two-tower, 23 floor, 300 room hotel is located in the historic Tudor City neighbourhood, at the heart of Manhattan’s East Side and has been renamed Westgate New York. David Siegel, founder […]

What a Timeshare Sales Presentation Is Really Like !

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

For anyone who has not had the pleasure of experiencing a Timeshare Sales Presentation, here’s how one might go !
So you’ve accepted the free dinner, free accommodation, exclusive gift, or tickets to an attraction, and now all you have to do is sit through a “short presentation”. Sounds reasonable ? After all, you […]

The Sophisticated Scammer, Timeshare Scams Have Doubled

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

Timeshare, Cryptocurrency, Financial And Legal Scams Have Doubled In The Last Year !
More and more customers are falling victim to scams involving timeshare, cryptocurrency, binary options investments and bogus solicitors, according the the charity, Citizen’s Advice. Scammers posing as professionals from financial and legal services are on the rise and such swindle […]

Pensions Company Scam, Compulsory Liquidation Ordered By High Court.

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

The High Court order the compulsory liquidation of rogue pension companies for misusing millions of pounds of pension savings and scamming up to 520 pension savers.
Fast Pensions LTD and five other related companies have been closed down in the interest of the public by the High Court. The official receiver in the […]